Why Prexle?

Prexle is a Cloud-Based Point-of-Sale (Cashier) System, designed specifically to meet the needs of the retail sector in sales operations and inventory management in order to achieve business goals smoothly and safely, wherever you may be.

Toolkit For Every Business!

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Branch Management

Manage all your branches and their transactions through Prexle. Monitor the sales, performance and operations of each branch through one unified source, wherever you may be.

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Staff Comissions

Enhance the performance and productivity of your staff through commissions. Adjust the roles of the cashier employees, control their accessbility details and more. 

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Suppliers Management

Managing suppliers transactions has become easier with Prexle. Monitor the prices and transactions with your suppliers and assign them users for their own dashboard. 

											ولاء العملاء

Customer Loyalty Program

Elevate your customer's experience in your store by registering your loyal customers’ information to ensure their return. Provide them with special offers and personalized experiences.



Prexle allows you to view over 15 different reports based on the analysis of your store's operations data in real-time, assisting you in making better business decisions. 

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Export your invoices and save them electronically for reference through Prexle, ensure that your invoices meet all the requirements of VAT and Electronic Invoicing.